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Following recent successful demonstrations of enhanced infrared absorption in Au-hyperdoped Si, there has been strong interest in fabricating other metal-hyperdoped Si systems as a highly attractive approach for Si-based infrared photodetection. In this work, we address the somewhat contentious issue in the literature as to whether it is possible, using ion implantation and nanosecond pulsed-laser melting, to achieve hyperdoping of Si with Ag and Ti at concentrations exceeding that required to form an intermediate impurity band within the Si bandgap ( N IB ∼ 6 × 10 19 cm − 3). A wide range of characterization techniques were used to investigate these material systems, especially the quality of liquid-phase epitaxy, impurity concentration distribution both in depth and laterally, and impurity lattice location. Our results indicate that the high concentrations of opto-electrically active Ag or Ti in monocrystalline Si …
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Publication date: 
14 Feb 2021

SQ Lim, AJ Akey, E Napolitani, PK Chow, JM Warrender, JS Williams

Biblio References: 
Volume: 129 Issue: 6 Pages: 065701
Journal of Applied Physics