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The Laboratory is an ISO 5 clean room that includes facilities for Photolithography processes.

The fabrication set consists in a Mask Aligner, with Bottom Side Alignment option and a maximum resolution of 0.4  μm for lines and 0.6  μm for holes ,  an automatized coating system, with spin coater and hot plate, and a vertical laminar flow wet bench for developing steps.


UV & Nanoimprinting Lithography

MJB4 Mask Aligner (from SUSS MicroTec)

The UV lithography system has the following features:

  • sample size up to 4" (or 100x100mm) and thickness up to 4 mm;
  • Hg 350 W lamp, plus a SUSS Diffraction Reducing Exposure Optics, working in the 350-450 nm wavelength range, with excellent light uniformity on the sample (< 3%). A constant Intensity control is available for the 365 nm or the 405 nm line;
  • alignment can be performed through a Splitfield Microscopy equipped with monitor and objective lens (10x and 5x);
  • printing modes: contact in soft, hard, vacuum and soft vacuum mode, or proximity printing;
  • best resolution tested on Si wafers: 0.4  μm for lines and 0.6  μm for holes.

The system is equipped also with a NIL module, allowing UV printing at the nano-scale level. UV-NIL is a low-cost production technology that is based on UV-curing, developed as a cost-effective alternative to high-resolution e-beam lithography. An easy and fast switching between UV-lithography and UV-NIL allows to combine these processing technique. UV-NIL can be performed on sample up to 2" in size, with a best resolution of lower than 100 nm.

A spinning system for sample coating with photoresist film, up to 6" sample is available, together also with an hot plate (160x160 mm) up to 325 °C.


Contact person: Prof. Salvo Mirabella


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