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The laboratory includes facilities dedicated to deposition and growth on wafer substrates of several materials such as semiconductors (TiO2, ZnO, Si, Ge, Al2O3), metals (Ti, Ni, Pd, Pt Tu, Ag, Au, Al), and different carbon allotropes as  CNT, Graphene layers, by using chemical and physical deposition. Moreover, it is possible to perform several types of thermal treatments including annealing (silicon/polysilicon up to 1100 °C, SiC up tp 1900 °C, and metals in FG).




MBE system


MBE system for Si, Ge and C deposition on 6’’ Wafers (DCA)

  • Sample holder up to 1100 °C
  • 3 e-gun: Si, Ge, SiC for co-deposition
  • 5 effusion cells for doping (B, Er, Sb, Ge, As)
  • In situ RHEED analysis
  • In situ XPS-UPS-Auger analysis, UV lamp, Flood gun for insulators

Synthesis of SiGe quantum wells - Ge quantum dots - Ultrathin doped layers (FWHM 3 nm) - Complex multilayer structures

Contact  person :  Prof. Antonio Terrasi

Magnetron Sputtering 8”


AJA Confocal RF-Magnetron Sputtering System

  • Up to 3 targets (4 in.), that can be simultaneously and indipendently used (3 RF and 1 DC power supply)
  • UHV chamber (10-9 mbar)
  • Wafers up to 8” up to 800 °C
  • 3 gas lines
  • Deposition of high purity single element or alloys thin films and multilayers  with accurate control of stoichiometry and of elemental content (lower than 0.1 at.%)

Some examples:

  • Rare earth oxides and rare earth silicates (i.e. Y2-xErxSi2O7)
  • Undoped and Eu doped SiOC
  • GeSbTe and Ge1-x Tex alloys
  • Ge and Si1-x Gexthin films and quantum dots
  • Ti and TiO2 and Cu2O
  • Transparent Conductive Oxide (AZO, ITO, TZO)

Contact  person :  Dott.ssa Maria Miritello

Atomic Layer Deposition

Atomic layer deposition  Picosun™ R-200 Advanced

  • Thermal  and plasma  (remote) ALD
  • Deposition on wafers up to 8” and also on  powders
  • The sample holder can be heated up to 650 °C.
  • The chamber up to 500 °C
  • Equipped of quartz balance, RGA, ellipsometer

Current sources: TiO2, ZnO , Al2O, Ag , Ru , Pt , Pd

Contact  person :  Dott.ssa Giuliana Impellizzeri

Chemical Vapour deposition

Aixtron-"Black Magic" CVD-PECVD

Thermal and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

  • Gas sources: Ar, H2, NH3, CH4, C2H2
  • Temperature  up to 1000°C
  • Ramp up to 300°C/min
  • Up to 6’’ wafers

Synthesis of

  • 2D graphene
  • 3D graphene based structures
  • Carbon nanotubes

Contact  person :  Dott.ssa Sabrina Carola Carroccio


Electrochemical station


Electrochemical station

Electrochemical deposition, corrosion

Horizontal Furnace


Horizontal Furnace: the Carbolite horizontal furnace

Size: 75mm internal diameter x 150 cm long

Pre-chamber for the introduction of one or more samples loaded into a floating quartz boat (4cm x 9 cm).

Max temperature: 1500°C. 

Gas lines: N2, O2 and Ar or Ar:H2 forming gas (5%).

Vacuum:at least 10-5 mbar.

Gas flows:  0-20 lpm  (accuracy of about 0.25 lpm).


Contact person: Prof. Antonio Terrrasi













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